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Mecatherm Twin Baguette & Fritsch Ciabatte Line

For Baguette, Ciabatta & Square Bread

No..: 514881
Type: Mecatherm Twin Baguette & Fritsch Ciabatte Line
Producer: Sancassiano, Mecatherm
Group: Baguette & bun roll line
M/C: Bread line equipment

Complete Baguette Production Line Consisiting of:

1) Automatic Dosing system
Manufacturer: Spiromatic N.V
Year: 2004
Computer-controlled dosing system for dosing flour,
salt and liquid yeast. The dosage amounts are entered
via a recipe program and touch screen panel ,
automatically into a mixing or Pre-filled container

2) OPTION: Sancassiano Double spiral mixer with bottom discharge
Interactive System 4016 Automatic mixing system
Year of construction 2008
- for 200 kg dough per batch
- Reinforced gears
- with bottom discharge
- Dough high transport (right & left)
- Star funnel STL20 / 15 (pre-portioner in 15 kg portions)
- Dough resting on conveyor belts approx. 12 minutes
- Communication with dosing system
- Connection: 37 kW, 75 A, 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 Ph
- WxLxH = 7000 x 4500 x 4200 mm
- Weight: without conveyor belts & preportioner: 3000 kg
Mixing time e.g. White bread or baguette dough:
8 minutes kneading time + 2 minutes dosing + 2 minutes = 12 minutes cycle time.
60/12 = 5 batches per hour, 200 kg per batch = 1,000 kg / h

3) Dosing hopper
Manufacturer: Mecatherm
Year: 2011
With reversible conveyor to feed the dough to two dosing systems.

4) Two Dough dividers
Manufacturer: Mecatherm
Year: 12/1996
Weight range: 100 - 400 gr
Capacity: up to 2500 pcs/ h
Machines in stainless steel

5) Two Baguette blocks
Manufacturer: Mecatherm
Year: 1997
Type: Bloc RT
Capacity: each bloc up to 2500 baguette/ h
Machines in stainless steel

6) Chain transport system
Chain transport system from bloc RT to the
Elevator Tray Proofer with Turnung device
Year: 2002
Stainless steel frame

7) Elevator Proofer for baking trays

Manufacturer: Mecatherm
For Baking flat trays 600 x 800 mm
Capacity : up to 5000 baguettes / hour
With Sandwich panel housing

8) Transfer chain conveyor from Outfeed
Proofer to Robot top cutting station
Stainless steel

9) Top cutting station
Robot cutting station for dough on flat trays
to cut the baguette dough after proofing
Frame in stainless steel

10) Chain conveyor to turning station, with
position control sensors
Frame in stainless steel

11) Automatic depanning setting device
Pick up the baguette from the flat baking trays and deposit the baguettes on baking stone plates in the Elevator oven
Working width : ca. 1700 mm
with electric control panel
Frame in stainless steel

12) Return chain conveyor belt from the empty
baking trays to the Mecatherm RT blocs
fram in stainless steel

13) Mecatherm Oven
Type: FS 60
Year: 2002
Elevator Oven with stone plates
Working width : ca. 1700 mm
Heating : Gas
With stainless steel cover
With outpusher to transverbelt from the spiral cooler

14) Spiral cooler
Manufacturer: Mecatherm
Type: Refrigerator SPI
Year: 2002
Working width: 600 mm
Cooling length: ca. 150 m
Cooling belt in stainless steel

15) Spiral freezer
Manufacturer: Mecatherm
Type: Surgel SPI
Year: 2002
Working width: 600 mm
Belt length: ca. 150 m
Freezer belt in stainless steel
With Evaporators and Isolation box
with Control panel in stainless steel
Siemens S7 computer control
Without Cooling compressor

16) 90 degree Outfeed Conveyor belt
Manufacturer: Sogem
with PU- white Conveyor belt
Working width: 600 mm
Frame in stainless steel

17) Conveyor belt
Manufacturer: Sogem
with PU-white Conveyor belt
Working width: 600 mm
Frame in stainless steel
For sale but not include in the Offer
1 Metal detector
1 Conveyor system to packaging machine
1 Flowpack machine
1 Vertical packaging machine with Multihead weigher


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Control: Automatic Siemens S7 control
Location: EU
Delivery: according to the arrangement

Price: By request plus VAT

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