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SASIP Industry Croissant Line

Power: 1.5 To. per hour

No..: 514959
Type: SASIP Industry Croissant Line
Producer: Sasip, Tromp, Diosna, Hefele, Heinen
Group: croissant lines

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SASIP industrial croissant plant
Power: 1.5 To. per hour

Consisting of:
- Dosing and weighing system Hefele
- Spiral Mixer Diosna
- Lifter Diosna with cage
- Extruder Trump new
- Dough laminating line Sasip with fat pump etc.
- Croissant Line Sasip, 6 rows with bending device
- Weight range: 55-90 gram
- Dough belt cooling
- dough recycling
- bending unit
- deposition
- Band guide in double spiral fermentation chamber with stiffening zone
- Double Spiral Proofer Heinen

Visit on request, also Dismantling, transport and assambling

More pictures here
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Control: Siemens S7
Location: EU
Delivery: Now

Price: By request plus VAT

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