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König Mini Rex with G 2000

YOC: 2001

No..: 514955
Type: König Mini Rex with G 2000
Producer: König
Group: bunrolllines

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King Mini Rex G2000 S / SK 63 Rustica 58
Compact bread/bun roll system with first proofer
Bun-Roll Line
YOC: 2001
35 - 90 grams, round and rustic
Weight range head machine: (details are dough-dependent)
- Piece weight S / SK63: 40 - 90 gr (for round rolls, round-worked)
- Unit weight Rustika: 30 - 80 gr (for square rolls, 'cushion-shaped')
- with Kaiserstüpfler (replaceable punch tool)
- with long roll station
- with star roller feeder
- with narrow Seitenaustrageband
- Screen operation for exact parameter settings
- Head machine can be swiveled to the side
- G 2000 proofer, for 6 minutes fermentation time
- Weight range G 2000 proofer: max. 75 grams
- Hourly output G 2000 proofer: max. 2000 pieces
- Dimensions: 2450 x 1220 x 1750 mm, WxDxH
Feed rollers with pre-portioned dough starters of the dough
Dough parts by means of a dough pusher and a cam controlled deflection piston
Oscillating active plate, eccentricity controllable via control panel
Selection drum with two different punch sizes, possible for round and square rolls

Optionally possible:
- Active plate and star rollers can be used for a surchargebe recoated
- Spreading straps and side discharge belt can be purchased at extra cost be replaced with new bands
Inspection, test run with dough possible on request

Control: Operation Screen
Year: 2001
Location: D-64832 Babenhausen
Delivery: 1-2 weeks after order

Price: 19.800,00 EUR plus VAT

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