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 grafik Bakery machines

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Brewery equipment  Brauereitechnologie

undefinedBrewery equipment <> Brauereitechnologie

undefinedFilling technology <> Abfüllanlagen

The dough tester

The bak-tec-Group tests their machines with dough for many years to make sure that all machines...


Dissmantling and assembling

Dismantling and assembling

Bak-tec-industries dismantles industrial plants and assembles them around the world.


Dissmantling and assembling

Latest News

Datum: 28.10.19
2019 Pizza plant from Finland to Hildesheim

Delivery of a pizza plant with conversion from Finland to Hildesheim. Complete conversion of the...

Datum: 02.09.19
2019 W. P. Tewimat / Lippelt Hamburger & Hot-Dog plant

delivered to Pakistan to the company Golden Harvest / Dawn Bread, plant completely overhauled.

Datum: 03.12.18
2018 Plant for Turkish honey

Sale and construction of a plant for "HALVA" or "Turkish honey" with filling to Bulgaria

Datum: 19.08.18
2018 Complete Bakery to Malta

for The Food Company.

Professionelle Technik für die Backwarenindustrie, bak-tec-industries

bak-tec-industries engages in the brokering, and buying and selling of pre-used and new production lines for the bakery and confectionery industries.

Technical Solutions for Bakery, Confectionary & Food Industry

Bakery machines • Pastry machines • Confectionery equipment • Food equipment • Complete production facilities  • 

Technische Lösungen für die Backwaren-, Süßwaren- & Lebensmittelindustrie

Bäckereimaschinen • Konditoreimaschinen • Süßwarenanlagen • Lebensmittelanlagen • Komplette Produktionsstätten  •

The customer is our focus.  undefined[more]



SASIP Industry Croissant Line

Power: 1.5 To. per hour

No: 514959
Price: By request

König Mini Rex with G 2000

YOC: 2001

No: 514955
Price: 19.800,00 EUR

Daub Steel plats Tunnel Oven

YOC: 1984, Daub, special construction

No: 514952
Price: By request

W.P. CR 59 conical rounder

From 2012 like new

No: 514904
Price: By request

Mecatherm Twin Baguette & Fritsch Ciabatte Line

For Baguette, Ciabatta & Square Bread

No: 514881
Price: By request

New dough laminating line in U shape

For all Puff-Pastry dough, Performance 1200 kg/h

No: 514878
Price: By request

Mecatherm Twin Baguette Line

From 2004-2011

No: 514877
Price: By request

W.P. Rotary Ovens

From 2004 & 2006

No: 514862
Price: By request

COMAS automatic Layer Cake Line

Condition very good

No: 514859
Price: By request