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 grafik Bakery machines

The dough tester

The bak-tec-Group tests their machines with dough for many years to make sure that all machines...


Dissmantling and assembling

Dismantling and assembling

Bak-tec-industries dismantles industrial plants and assembles them around the world.


Dissmantling and assembling

Latest News

Datum: 03.11.16

Baguette & bun roll line

Datum: 22.09.16
Sale incl. Reconditioning,

Transport & Set-up of a Fritsch Pretzel line with sling robot, Fortuna head machine & Grubelnik...

Datum: 06.08.16
bak-tec-Group offers:

new cooling tunnels with CE-Certification and 12-24 months warranty, for cooling from food to...

Datum: 20.06.16
VMI Spiral mixer

with bowl lifter

Technical Solutions for Bakery, Confectionary & Food Industry

Bakery machines • Pastry machines • Confectionery equipment • Food equipment • Complete production facilities

Technische Lösungen für die Backwaren-, Süßwaren- & Lebensmittelindustrie

Bäckereimaschinen • Konditoreimaschinen • Süßwarenanlagen • Lebensmittelanlagen • Komplette Produktionsstätten

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COMAS Cookies & Biscuit Depostitor DLV 600

From 2002

No: 514488
Price: By request

Reimelt Fat frying line EL 10 4000

Complete line with Headmachine & Proofer

No: 514483
Price: By request

SOLLICH Chocolate line

very best condition

No: 514480
Price: By request

König Rex Headmachine Futura II

New Drum, machine fully reconditioned

No: 514472
Price: By request

Baguette, Ciabatta & Bun roll line

Mecatherm, Rademaker, SanCassiano tec

No: 514460
Price: By request

Tonelli Plantetary Mixer line

With complete Weighing and automatic loading system of all ingredients such as flour, water, eggs,...

No: 514468
Price: By request

Hecrona Steel belt Tunnel oven 1000

1000 mm working width

No: 514463
Price: By request

Rheon Multi Co Extruder

in best condition, 10 rows

No: 514458
Price: By request

Imaforni Tunnel oven

in best working condition

No: 514451
Price: By request